Monday, July 31, 2006

A Plea

Zeinobia, Mohamed, Blue,

To hear that you do not believe Hizballa are hiding behind children comes as a great surprize to me. I did not know that this is how you see things, because to me the truth is different. But opening my mind, and accepting that you believe differently from me, has done much for me. I am awed and amazed by how much we do not know about each other.

Neither you nor I were at Qana. None of us had seen first-hand what happened. None of us had seen if Hizballa fighters really were hiding amongst children. All we know is what we hear from those around us.

The things you hear from those around you are not the things I hear from those around me. Your newspapers say different things from mine. I have been hearing about Arab rockets being fired from behind children for more than 10 years. I can only imagine that you have been hearing the opposite.

You believe one thing, and I believe another. That we cannot change for the moment.

But I beg of you, for the sake of our conversation: please, PLEASE, accept that I believe differently from you. Please understand that just as you do not believe Hizaballa fighters were hiding in that building - I believe that they were.

Let us, for now, not try to argue about the truth of what happened - because that will take our discussion to a dead end. Let us, at least for the moment, accept that we have different beliefs, and judge each other's words based on that.



EngineeringChange said...

Great post IB. This is a problem I immediatly notice when I talk to friends in the Middle East. Their version of events is usually radically different than the one I hear in the US press, which I guess is a bit different than the news as you hear it in Israel.

The truth is of no importance. It is the perception of the truth as seen by different parties. This information gap can explain many things that otherwise wouldn't make sense to the other side.

And let me just concur that the view you have heard from the others is the authentic view on the 'arab street.' And remember also, this is coming from people who technically are at PEACE with Israel!

I think it just underscores that even a peace agreement does not mean much without addressing the root issues in Palestine.

Egyptian-in-USA said...


I think you are either working for the Israeli intelligent (Mosad) or you so confused that there is no point convincing you.

How could you argue against the whole world (except of course the Bush Administration and Fox news)?!

Good luck and Good bye.

EngineeringChange said...

By the way I.B.--I noticed you have Tony's blog on your links section. While it is an informative blog and Anton is a smart guy, he is no way representative of Lebanese in general. He well-known to be very biased towards Israel neo-con views, and against Syria.

If you want a good Lebanese blog I do reccommend Beirut to Beltway:

I think there you will find much better justice done to Lebanese causes and a better representative of Lebanon. Cheers.

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

I am glad that you eingineering change and you egyptian in USA are the ones who replied.

i tried to write anything yesterday , but then i felt I. B. would acuse me of living in an arab country with all the biased media agaisnt isreal..

so... now i got nothing to add.. :)
thank you..

Ba3kawy... said...

At the beginning let me introduce myself.. I'm a 17 years old Muslim.. living in Egypt.. u can call me ba3kawy.. np

It's nice that u are inviting ppl to an open dialogue through your n their blogs (that's really a good start -at least- between us).. I dun have a blog it's just a blank page.. But I just wanted to participate...

u said in one of your prev posts.."The more we fear the harder we bite"... This equation is not valid for human beings... it's just for other living creatures…

U said also "Our fear is what makes the Israeli army so powerful and so dangerous. So perhaps you might want to make us a little less afraid of you."
If I were you, I would delete this part... Read it again man... it doesn't make any sense at all... Ur fear is wht makes u strong?? :S huh ??

U know the truth... The whole world knows it.. the American support is wht makes u so powerful not ur fear.. imagine Israel without usa.. it's nothing.. completely nothing.. but you know.. that's not ur fault .. its ur government's.. who tries to put u in troubles in order to satisfy the usa n the uk - if it really cares abt u, it would have never thought of fighting for just two soldiers.. it would have solved this by negotiations or by any other good means.. u probably know that more than 30 Israeli soldiers have been killed in the last 20 days..
-huh :S 30 for only 2 :S, how come??- soldiers only .. not civilians.. moreover, most of you are now living underground :S why all that.. for only 2.. surely this is not the reason…

Israel is just an American, British military base in the middle east that won't last forever... hoping at the end u will be given the land you want.. to make your country from "the Nile" to "el forat" even that… -I doubt that the usa will give it to u…-
they are using you as their shield u are the one who really suffer, they don't suffer they are now having fun .. playing.. dancing.. but u are mourming ur deaths as u said.. fearing from everything even your shadows :s ...

About using children as shields i'm not going to talk in this issue my frnds did already but think of this -u are the real shield, u innocent civilians are the real shield-

Tell me one good reason that keeps the usa helping you.. if u are honest u will say it's just "the land, nothing except the land".. the usa doesn't want any thing except this.. u dun give them food or money or any other thing.. there is no common thing that binds u together except for the land..

I guess u got my points.. your government is now digging your graves.. for what??.. for the sake of the usa n uk not for urs.. so u israelis enjoy watching your graves being dig…

ps: i saw your profile u said that you are an israeli who wants peace.. sry to say that but i don't believe you..

Israeli Blogger said...

@EngineeringChange: Thank-you. I'm so glad at least one person here understands what I'm trying to say.

And thanks for the beirut-to-beltway tip. Indeed, an interesting blog. I've added it to my blogroll.

@Egyptian-in-USA: I'm sorry you feel that way.

@Blue: A few days ago - I might have accused you of what you said. After reading the responses of all of you - I can't accuse you of anything. Please write what you feel.

@ba3kawy: you say that "It's nice that u are inviting ppl to an open dialogue through your n their blogs (that's really a good start -at least- between us)". But then you say you don't believe me. How can we establish a dialog if you don't believe what I write?