Sunday, July 30, 2006

Kafr Qana

I have just heard the terrible news about the tragedy in Kafr Qana, and rushed to write this post. The civilized and relatively calm discussion we have started here has quickly become more important to me than I had originally imagined it would. I hope we will not let it die along with those innocent children.

I think it is important that you know how I feel about this terrible event. While I remain proud of the Israeli soldiers for protecting my life with theirs - I am ashamed of the Israeli Army for not doing more to avoid such brutal killings of innocent children.

I hope that you, my Arab partners to this discussion, are ashamed of Hizballa for its cruel use of innocent children as human shields - as living shelters for protecting the rockets they fire at my children.


As more people express interest in joining this discussion, there is a danger we will lose the way it has been conducted up to now. I therefore wish to propose a small rule for joining:

If you consider joining, please start by taking a look at Zeinobia's post - the one that got this discussion started - and ask yourself this: If you are Israeli - ask yourself if you identify with Zeinobia's question. If you are Arab - please imagine that this child is Israeli, and then ask yourself if you can still identify with her question. If your answer is yes - this means we share at least one common value, and that is a basis for dialogue. By all means, please join us.


P.S., to Zeinobia, Blue, EngineeringChange, march14yuppi and Mohamed Maher: I haven't forgotten that I owe you more answers. This is just an "emergency post" from my side.



Mohamed Maher said...

hi israeli,
i have just heard the news of kana.
until now there is about 60 innocent civilian were killed, among them there were about 30 children.....horrible
this is the image for the israeli people for us.."killers"
of course not all the israeli people love blood , but at least ur government and ur army and the majority of the citizens loves it.
u said that hezballah are taking the children as chields .... what is that !!! did u hear that from the liers of the israeli media ...
ur army striked the houses and the homes of innocent people, hezballah are not living in these houses .... so how did they take them as chields...please try to see the truth and the justice.
"israeli people are killing innocent people and they use forbidden rockets and forbidden weapons" and all this war is because hezballah took 2 israeli soldiers. do u know that there are more than 10 thousand arabs in the israeli jails with no reasons, do u know that until now about 50 israelis were killed in this war.
try to know the truth and to give justice for arabs and at this moment u will feel no fear and live peacefully
Mohamed Maher

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

i do 2nd mohamed in every single letter he wrote...

it is really a hopeless un-justified case..
do not ever convince me that those 37 kids did something to isreal !! and if it showed anything it will show the pure stupidity of the isreali government -excuse me sir-.. the sucide boomers weren't born out of nothing

with every single house demolished, a whole family is left to live on the hatered with eveyr living cell.
with every single child murdered.. 50 of his friends will seek revenge in the nearest chance...
and with every single hospital or school boomed.. a whole neighbourhood are left to live a collective day dream to wipe isreal out of the map..

the hate is rising over and over and over again.. you can not stop it.. you can NEVER stop it..

tell me sir.. how many isreali kids have been killed in this war!!! is it by any chance comparable to the 37 ONLY for JUST today !! let alone the number of civilians.. PURE INNOCIENT citizens.. !!! By God's sack What peace isreal is seeking.... By God's sack .. I mean.. I am speechless.. I have no word to discribe my feelings of anger while i am living thousands of kilometers away.. so how you guess the feelings of the parents.. relatives.. neighbours.. friends...

what is happeneing in Lebenon right now is MURDER.. M.U.R.D.E.R !!

yesterday there wasn't HizbAllah.. now there is HizbAllah.. there is Iran and syria..
You are afraid of HizbAllah to wipe you off the map..
then I tell you, tomorrow the souls of the MURDERED innocent arabs will inspire others too to wipe you for real off the map.. and no one will pity

i mean, you admit hving a land not yours and STILL you insist of having rights!!
By heaven's sack what rights are you talking about..
Palasstine is an arab country and will always remain so..
and tell you sir.. the day will come when the flag of a free palastine will be there over a free country.... ruled by the refuges and immegrants
no matter the destruction whether there or in lebenon or syria..
Sir... these people got something Isreal doesn't have at all... and will not have, not in million years...
Arabs have faith in their case.. They know they are the right owners.. they know God is there backing them... a year or two.. or even hundered years.. at the end HizbALLAH will be hundered other NGO's carrying the very same mission... and Isreal with the whole world will be taught a lesson.. but alas, the hard way out.

yours Blue

Sheryos said...

My God !!

{I am ashamed of the Israeli Army for not doing more to avoid such brutal killings of innocent children.}

Gotta say, i do appreciate the all forgiving sympathy btw !!!!

?? AVOID ?? do u even know what does this word mean ??
U mean u do really belive that Hezbulah was hiding in QANA ?? {btw, not their place at all ;) }

and like that is not enough, u're blaming them for taking children as live shelters :S ?? do u even think before speaking ??

know what ?? for me, each and every Israeli is a hostile invader, and frankly speaking, till each and everyone of u is out of palestine, the debt ain over

it's never gonna end, all those years of killing and raping and stealing and lies, it simply can never be forgotten ..
u'be once mentioned it was all outa fear, then, this year, i excuse Hitler, he must have a hell of a chicken !!

No, it's never been abt fear, never been abt ur lost rights, simply, this was and never is gonna be ur land .. ur just a sort of extremly impolote visitors ,and u're gonna leave, whether u like it or not ,,, Sooner or later, u're leave.

and u know what's the fun part abt that ? that u're causing ur own end... ur implanting ur hatred in each and evry kid's heart... it's like a blood oath, those kids, and their grand grand children, they're all based and raised to one fact .. they hate u, every kid they see killed, every old man, every soul, every house u break into, every bullet .... it's all coming back.. Just sit back and wait for it ...

And then, come tell me abt avoidance, maybe that day, we'd avoid kicking u out of paletine

Zeinobia said...

Hezbullah didn't use any human shield at all this is a lie I read in Ynet news , it is faked up , never no way ,Qana survivals spoke on Tvs and their words are enough to me

Egyptian-in-USA said...

1- Give us back our land.

2- Allow Palestanins to come back.

3- Compensate the refugees.

4- Investigate and jail any one responsible for killing any woman or child in Lebnon or Palestine.

5- Let us have peace and build The United States of Middle-east (U.S.M.)

Tarek said...

I believe the IDF has made up the "Hizbulla using Civilians as human shileds" story, just as an excuse after their unjustified crime against humanity.

Israeli Blogger said...

@Tarek - I accept that you believe so.