Saturday, July 29, 2006

Maybe it's time someone finally said this

I have a message to the Arabs: we are afraid of you.

There, I said it. Anonymously, but I said it.

I actually first said it while replying to an anonymous comment on Zadigvoltaire's post Beirut Notes: Unite. The commenter said:

> You make it seem like your retaliation made
> you suffer less?

And I replied:
We retaliate because WE ARE AFRAID.

We hear Hizballa's leader threaten us. We see him carrying out his threats. We see Hizballa amassing 10,000 missiles and aiming them at our children. And all that time we hear him promise to wipe us off the map.

But we don't want to be wiped off the map. So we act. We act out of fear that - if we don't do anything - Hizballa will keep gaining strength, and eventually be able to wipe us off the map.

We are willing to suffer now in order to save ourselves the much greater pain that we fear.

Then it hit me: in all the discussions about the conflict, I never saw any Israeli tell this to Arabs. Why? I don't know. Maybe some of us are too proud to admit it. Or maybe this is something that is so clear to us, we think everybody else knows it too. Or maybe we are afraid that if the Arabs knew how much we fear them, they will be even more motivated to kill us.

But let me tell you, my Arab neighbors: you succeeded in making us fear you decades ago. Perhaps you simply didn't realize it. If you are looking for something to be proud of - maybe you can be proud of that.

But you must understand that most of the Israeli aggression comes out of our fear from you. And the more we fear, the harder we bite. When all of Israel is in fear: we unite, and we act. Our fear is what makes the Israeli army so powerful and so dangerous. So perhaps you might want to make us a little less afraid of you.


I felt that I didn't do a good enough job on this post. Here's my second attempt at explaining this issue.



EngineeringChange said...

I.B you said "We need to understand what is driving the current hatred, and what can be done to stop it."

Although the history is crucial, I think this way of thinking does need to prevail to reach peace.

Let me ask you then--Why do you and the Israeli population think Arabs are so angry at Israel? I will admit that Israel does have good reason to be afraid--because Arabs left and right are all angry at Israel. There are extremists who call to 'wipe Israel off the map' and there are many more moderates like myself who are just angry and frustrated at Israel. Why do you think thats the case? Or do Israelis believe they are innocent of any wrongdoing and have no clue why all these crazy arabs are mad?

"Our fear is what makes the Israeli army so powerful and so dangerous."

Maybe, but I think the 3+ billion dollars of American made weapons and aid each year sure does help some too.

march14yuppi said...

Here goes,
The fear thingy goes both ways.
You beleive tha the power of the israeli army comes from fear and not from F16s? That's fine by me. then you should be in the best position to understand why your actions are making hizbollah and their supporters stronger. You are augmenting their hatered and fear from you.

I am not saying they are doing a better job at all. As you say they are making you fear them and make you want to confront them.

Also since I don't know much about internal Iran or syrian politics I will only talk about your fears from Hizbollah.

All my point was violence leads to more hatred and fear and anger which in turn can only lead to more violence. That's how Hizbollah was created. Back then you feared the PLO, invaded Lebanon got rid of them, created more hatered and fear, Hizbollah was born.

Maybe somehow the current vilence will end up producing something better than what was before but I doubt it!
here is what we had before.

Hizbollah started in 1982, in their charter they wanted to destroy Israel and kick the Jews out of it (or something very close).

From 1982 to 2000 there was continuous fighting between hizbollah and Israel with dozens being killed each year from both sides.

In 2000 israel did a very smart thing and left south Lebanon.

Between 2000 and 2005, the total number of death due to hizbollah attacks was about a dozen military and one civilian according to Haaretz. Which is not a good thing but much much much better than before.

In the mean while Syria was ruling Lebanon and providing Hezbollah with tons of weapons and protection. And made sure all the Lebanese who oppose its policy were either in jail, escaped from lebanon or assasinated.

In 2005 Syria was forced to leave lebanon, of course Hizbollah would get weaker by losing its main ally.

What the Lebanese (at least some of them) did in 2006 to make sure Hizbollah was not going to keep pulling excuses to keep fighting israel is negotiate with Hezbollah and get concessions from them in exchage for a bigger political role.

Hezbollah started with "killing al the jews" in 1982 and ended accepting and signing THREE demands inorder to stop fighting Israel in 2006.

The three demands in order to surrender their weapons to the Lebanese government were:
1 - Free the sheb3a farms.
2 - Liberate the lebanese prisonners in Israel
3 - Have a mechanism in place that ensure Israels cannot violate lebanese sovernty whenever it wants (mainly the airspace because between 2000 20005 Israeli aircrafts flew over Lebanon about 900 times I think)

An earlier accepted demand was to limit all operations to military and not civilians. After those things are met no military operations would be carried against Israelis even the military.

I can lookup english references to the documents if you want.

Now those three points may not seem fair to Israel, but they sure don't necessitate the fear you are talking about. None of them talks abotu Jews in Israel. Hezbollah was under such pressure to disarm, in their latest "army amrch" they held flags instead of weaponsm, which is only a simbolic thing but goes to show that things were changing.

Then when it kidnappen the Israeli solders it insisted it captured them from Lebanese soil (regardless if the fact is true or false) it shows they their discourse has changed from we will kill jews in israel to we will fight them only if they enter Lebanon. (which also may not be allot but at least can reassure the regular civilian who will never get close to the border.)

So anyway during the lebanese PM's visit to Bush they discussed the first 2 points.
And inside lebanon various Lebanese leaders were discussing point three.
Some suggested Hizbollah should keep his arms to defend Lebanon, some suggested the army shouls do that instead, some suggested an international force should do that. The dialogue was going on when this war started.

In all cases the debate was goingon and it was NOT about should we destroy israel or not it was about how to protect the Lebanese borders.

Now you can tell me Hezbollah were bluffing. Or Iran would never let them do that or whatever.
I am not claiming I can read their mind, I am only saying that there were other ways to calm the fears of all parties envolved. If hezbollah were bluffing, Israel would have lost a few lebanese detainees and a few hundred meter squares of disputed land between Lebanon and Syria. Then they could have started the war knowing Hizbollah were lying and there is no way to save the Israeli civilians who will die.

Then I assure you the rest of the Lebanese would have had a very valid reason to hold Hizballah acocuntable to the "contract" it signed.

Now with your attack, maybe you will destroy Hizbollah (I doubt) but Hizbollah have every valid reason to say the contract is null since Israel is shooting civilians and occupying south Lebanon again and attempting to assasinate Nasrallah.

Anyway the point is, I think that eventually through negiciations the three points will be agreed upon and Hizbollah will disarm, do you think the military campain will let you get prisoners withuot releasing the lebanese? I donnow ... I think the military campai will have added hundreds if not thousands of lebanese dead, and tens of Israeli dead in order to arrive to the same conclusion, namely negotiation, prisonner swap, leberation of shbaa farms and something to guaranty neither Hizbollah or israel will cross the border to the other side.

I mean if you think Hezbollah was bluffing before and did not beleive them then, they can still bluff even after the military campain. Unless you truly beleive you will destroy them.

What sucks the most about this whole issue is many people who were neutral towards Israel now hate it with passion because of the latest war and some of them might become Hizbollah 2.0 or whatever in the future and are ready to do anythig to fight it.

So to sum it up. We understand your fears, but the numbers and facts on the ground were not showing that, dispite all the talk, hizbollah was going to be allowed to wipe out israel or the Jews. Or was capable of doing thet even if no one was pressuring them in Lebanon.

Also my point about the number of dead ... I mean you keep saying the Lebanese were not acting fast enough, but even if it was going to take us another two years to disarm Hizbollah, less Israelis would have been killed (according to the way things were going) than because of your military campain.

Finally a small anecdote to show how the mentality was changing: in the past couple of years Hizbollah were somethimes hosting talks by Jews ( who were of course against the Israeli policies). Still how surreal is that?

In the end, hoping it will end for the better.

Same anonymous Lebanese coward.

Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

And the more we fear, the harder we bite

excuse me, but big LOL at the word :D
Do you think any arab would be convinced with such phrase. cause simply Arabs weren't the starters sir. The starters where the ones who prepared the plans starting from 1917 to have a piece of land somewhere on earth, and then it was palastine.. a step by step, Isreal was acknowledged back in 1948 on a land its not isreali's by any mean of the knwon living history !!

you live in fear because the land is not yours, because you know that the right holders will come one day and show you the bigger bite and teach you how to take something not yours.

fear comes from the lack of justice. fear comes from the lack of self confidence. fear comes from a lost case. fear comes to real murderers at night when see the ghosts of the murdered childerns, wifes, old men and poor citizens with no justified reason but "Terror and fear".

Sir, excuse me... But I can't be convinced with any of your mentioned words in your blog. And you really want aa right dialouge, then you have to have an open mind 1st, accepting facts before fiction. Then a real dialouge might take place..


Mohamed Maher said...

Hi israeli,

my name is mohamed, i'm from egypt.

i'll tell u the truth.. i really liked ur way of talking in such a way, coz i feel that u r trying to see the truth for what is happening around us.

when i was born, i learnt the history of the arabs, at some times of this history we were the leaders of the world ,and at other times we were not.
in egypt ,there were muslims, christians and juish, we all lived all the history together peacefully , all loving each other.
i'll tell u something about arabs, all the arabs feel that they are brothers , they talk the same language ,they have the same history same culture and allover history we there were no borders between us... so we are the same.
in 1948, we heard that the juish people came to palestine and they are establishing a new country there !! do u imagine that, how !! this can't happen , where were they , and why palestine , why not america or australia !! this was impossible for all the arabs and for all the fair countries in the world.
and for muslims, jeursalem is avery holly place for us.. and it has been an arab city allover the history, so it was impossible for us to be taken from us.
here we started to hate the israeli people...cause they are stealing our rights and our lands and kill the palesteni people.
then u came and occupied sinai without any reason !! cause u were afraid of egypt and u were saying that it's an israeli land !! do u imagine that !!
and in 1973 we striked ur army and our land returned for us, and our hatred to the israeli people increased.
this hatred because we really want to live peacefully ... all the arabs leave peacefully .. but u don't want so .. why !! i feel that they teach the israeli student how to be aggrssive, and how love blood and how to hate people.
and now i really love hezballah , because they made u feel fear..
do u know that every day u kill hundreds of palestinian and lebanesse children..
i think it's time for u to know the feeling of death and fear , beacause u made all the arabs feel it alot.
let me tell u something...
do u know that u and me could be friends.. do u know how ! when u say that i'll stop killing the arabs , and to say that i'll leave this land to their real owners , and to return to the country of ur grandfather, where u belong.
all the people live only once , and they want to live it peacefully
and do to feel justice..
we want justice..
do u feel that u r doing the right thing now !! was this the land of ur ancestors !! do u feel comfortable when u kill innocent people.. what shall u say to god after u die !!
i hope that hezballah win and to let all the israeli feel fear , and to leave our arabic lands and go anyother place..
anyway it was a good start from u and i really would like to talk 2 u further more.

Zeinobia said...

I.B I respect the Israelis' fear but how can you can fear if you have all these weapons and armies
sir you got the strongest army in the region , you got over dozen of spy satelittes over the arab world not to mention the first nuclear program and first atomic bomb
We are the one who should fear from you ,I think someone wrote this before ,I am sorry I didn't read all the comments to the end
Look to what you did in Lebanon ,is this fear ??
I am sorry this fear is not from us or made by us ,it is made by your media by the orders of your regime , I know I speak in the matters of Consirpcy theory

Fear is the beginning of a dark road "Master Yoda in The Stars war :)"