Saturday, July 29, 2006

A call for a dialogue

Hello Zeinobia,

You and I are different in many ways. We have completely different beliefs: you are Muslim, while I am an atheist of Jewish origin. You believe that Israel is evil, while I see it as my only home. You are happy when Israeli soldiers are killed, while I mourn their deaths.

But I decided to approach you because we seem to share at least one common value: neither you nor I can suffer the deaths of innocent children.

To many, the situation in our area seems hopeless. An everlasting cycle of violence, that has been going on for decades, with no end in sight. But I have one hope: that the Internet will be able to help us break out of this cycle. The Internet can help us communicate despite the barriers. This is the one thing that is possible now, which was not possible during the previous periods of violence. I firmly believe we should embrace this possibility.

I invite you to an open dialogue through our blogs. I want to understand your hate towards my country. Perhaps you will be able to convince me that it is justified. Perhaps I will be able to convince you that it is not.

In your blog, you show a picture of a killed baby. This picture is terrifying. Do you really believe that there are many Israelis who are happy to see this picture?

I hope you see my link to your post, and I hope you will respond.



Lasto-adri *Blue* said...

Dear I.B
I know your open dialoged was addressing Zenobia, but I believe that you mean open dialogue with anyone in the 1st place. So please allow me to take part :)

1st of all I do respect and appreciate your descent way for asking dialogue, and that fact that you are the one who started it is super cool :)

So Let me start by saying, I am a middle age Egyptian lady; From a strong Muslim family.
I was brought up on the fact that my family lost one of its members in the 1973 war, where as 2 of my uncles returned back with loads of chasing nightmares about the death and terror seen there.. and another uncle of mine returned with a shot in the knee (where a certain operation was done to trim part of his leg) .
I grew up hearing about stories of the conflict, but I never really knew what is going on. Why people fight? Why all this hate and anger between nations? can't humans ever live in peace!!

Only when I saw the intfada in Palestine and somehow I got to know what is going on.

I was really much younger than that, still in school. I heard about some demos in Cairo demanding a peaceful solution for the going on fights in the Palestinian territories. My Arab brothers and sisters are murdered every day.. some might have lost their parents, some lost their homes, their schools...etc. and then I asked again (yet louder this time) WHY on earth do people do that to the other!!!

My mother replied me back: "this is our right.. we have to get back the land.. and we will.."
I didn't know “we” refers back to Muslims or Arabs, or Muslim Arabs.. or believers in the case.. i do not know.. all I know is that Palestine is an Arab country that should be back ..

OK, you said:
You are happy when Israeli soldiers are killed, while I mourn their deaths.
No one is ever happy for the death of somebody.. Take my words, no one ever.. but tell me something, why haven't you said
I am happy when palastinies/lebenese civilians are killed, while You mourn their deaths.

the point is vivid and clear. Israelis love to appear as the victims of this modern world.

I asked it once, and I ask it again.. tell me something sir (or any other Israeli as such). “Where is your ancestors graves?” I reckon you might tell me in Holland, Poland… probably. But any Palestinian, even immigrants or refuges will tell you in Gaza, Ram ALLAH, Jerusalem or any other corner in Palestine. Not only this, you might even have with them a key for their home that was demolished by an Israeli bulldozer to build another settlements !!

The conflict between Arabs and Israel will never be settled and will never have peace prevailing until the land is given back to its real owners. When palatine would return back to the Palestinians. A free country ruled by its people and acknowledged by the whole universe. And when the Lebanese “sheba’a” is returned back to Lebanon. And the “el Golan” hills are back to Syria. The refugees would be acknowledged their right of return, and a clear apology statement addressing the arabs for all the slaughters happened by isreali soldiers on arab lands.. like “kana”, “Gaza”, “Merawheen” .. even the slaughters that happened to the captured Egyptians soliders back in 1948, 1967, 1973 wars.. and lots lots more..
Only then I might tell you there would be peace in this part of the world. And a real dialogue might take place..

Sorry for the longest comment ever..

Zeinobia said...

Shallom Israeli blogger
First I agree on what my dear famous Egyptian blogger Blue said about your descent way of asking the dialogue
I believe in Peace in the terms of mutual respect ,I am afraid this mutual respect is lost from your side not from ours
This mutual respect means that our children are not less than your children , our civilians are not less value than yours
Believe me I would feel the same if this baby was Israeli ,angry and sad because I am human ,second because I am a muslim , Islam respects human rights and doesn't call for fight except if the other starts it and in this case your government started ,it starts it every single time
I don't know what Peace your government wants to fulfill and it killed all those people ,destroyed a whole country and requires to be treated as victim in the region
I do believe the Israeli people is a victim of a biased media ,I know for sure if they see the terrible images of destruction , it is not nothing compared of What Hizbullah did in your cities , in fact I do believe if the Israeli people saw half the images of destruction ,they would understand the hate to their country , I went to a several Israeli news sites and they are showing an image less then what really happened in Lebanon
I won't talk about Palestine now but this what on my mind
Remember Peace means respect mutual one ,your government doesn't respect any human right at all ,whether targetting women and children ,civilian building like hospitals or infrastructure for a whole country
I am sorry I bet nervous but excuse me arabs are emitional ,but I guess this is the first time and it is better in this age we say all what we feel and think if we want to reach to a better result