Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sorry for not posting for a while

The discussion so far hasn't been easy for me. It is emotionally straining, and also takes a lot of time. As a result, I fell back on some of my responsibilities (work related and a few personal issues) - but I will post again soon.

Thanks for waiting - I really appreciate it.



EngineeringChange said...

I completely understand--i have been swamped myself for the past week as well. (blogging trully is time-consuming!) I will find the time to reply to your comments within the next few days though (hopefully)

Zeinobia said...

waiting for your post :)

DGListen said...

Dear IB and other participants.
I feel honored to join this conversation. I feel that it is an honest and serious dialog that respects the other and tries to learn and grow.
I am an Israeli. I seek peace with the Arab world and especially with our Palestinian neighbours.
I believe that Dialogs like this can help everyone have a better understanding of the other side.
In the future i will try to join the discussion in this blog.
I share the concern to the safety of the children and all human beings. We are all humans and we have the right to live in dignity and safety.

DGListen said...

Regarding the question the was posted by some people here tothe Israelis: "is it your land?"
My approach is that it is a historical question that has no clear answers. Let us not be stuck in the past and try to find a solution that will be good for everyone.
I believe it is possible. So many people are suffering on both sides and we are busy with arguing who is good and who is bad, who is right and who is wrong. Every violence and aggresion against humans is wrong.
We are the ones that can make a difference. We cannot wait for the politicians to reach an agreement. We, the plain people have to do something from grassroots.
I am sure that if we will listen to each other and try to understand the suffering and pain without trying to justify ourselves - just listen - it will build the trust needed for reaching a just peace.
what do you think?

Egyptian-in-USA said...


I like your approach: "try to find a solution that will be good for everyone"

I think from my prospective a good solution will be one that:

1- bring the refugees back to the "villages" where they used to live.

2- Compensate them for the years they lost away from their "villages."

3- I do not want the Israeli to worry about losing the Jewish face of their country due the return of the refugee because in return they will win big, they will win the citizenship of a great middleast. They will win the protection of their muslim and Christian Arab partners. We will live in peace afterward and we will rise to the top of the world, thanks to the combined resouces we have: Technology, $$$$, markets and manpower.

DGListen said...

dear Egyptian-in-USA,
thank you for your comment.
i really love the enthusiasm and positive energy in your vision.
i think Israel and Palestine could be the proof for the whole world for co-existence and healthy life. I share your vision about the middle east. I agree there should be some kind of solution for the refugee problem. I am willing to discuss that as long as i know that the other side is willing to accept my existence in this area.

Egyptian-in-USA said...


You should know that we (muslims) do not have a choice to accept or not to accept your existance because we are ordered by our our religion to protect you. Prophet Mohammed said: Whoever hurt a zemi (Jewish or Christian) then I (the prophet) will be against him on the life after.

So by definition, muslims can not hurt christians or jews living with them.

History also show that many times. A very well know example is when the crusaders came to Jureslom they killed all the jews and the muslims living in town. I am saying this to remind you that jews and muslims were actually living together in town.

There are a lot you need to know about the rights of Chrisitians and Jewish in Islam that muslims will have to follow.

Mohamed Maher said...

dear egyptian in the usa,
there is a difference when a muslim and a christian and a jewish all live together peacefully, and when some people tries to kill innocent children in palestine and lebanon and occupying our land, how could i forgive them !! our religion tells us that we have to defend ourselves and to defend ourland..
and dear dglisten,
the question of "is it your land" is very important because it is the main conflict. because if u think that it is not ur land then u r stealing it and u r unfair to live in it, and if u belive that it is yours, then tell me on what bases do u say so, and give me the evidence that it's yours (israel was established in 1948 before this date there was nothing called israel there were only palestine).

Israeli Blogger said...

Dear Mohammed Maher,

You said to my friend dglisten: "the question of 'is it your land' is very important because it is the main conflict. because if u think that it is not ur land then u r stealing it and u r unfair to live in it, and if u belive that it is yours, then tell me on what bases do u say so, and give me the evidence that it's yours"

I agree with your observation that this is very important.

Let me answer you by saying: yes, I believe this is my land - BUT - I also know that you believe it is your land - and I think both you and I have legitimate reasons for our beliefs. Each side has historical evidence to show some of their ancestors lived here. Debating this evidence has proven to be pointless: neither side has been able to convince the other for decades now.

But please keep in mind: whenever you ask an Israeli this question, that person will probably be offended. The vast majority of Israelis living in Israel today were born in Israel. Their parents - and often their grandparents or great grandparents - were born here. We have no other home.

Anonymous said...

Hi all , am from Palestine ,and I hope you accept me to join you with this conversation

I think the only solution for the conflicts between Palestinians and Israeli is peace
We are the only country till now still occupied ,and we know as Palestinians that’s many people from Israeli seeking for peace and we accept peace .

I believe that with dialogue between two parts and others from the world can help us .

What I see in this blog people still talking about history ,and forgot that’s civilians get kill every day .

I am as Palestinian . I looking for peace with Israelis and live as neighbors , we have the right to live and feel as human beings ,and I think the most work should be from Israelis people who want peace