Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Haven't posted for a while

... and it's probably not going to improve soon.

At least I'm in good company!

Truth is I've got a writer's block. A few weeks ago I started writing a post about my visit to Khaled's Holocaust Museum, but I can't get myself to finish it.


nominally challenged said...

Hahahaha - I'm flattered :)

But please do write about your visit to the museum. I'd be very interested in reading about it, and I'm sure I'm not alone.

sonia said...

Have only just found this blog,and will be contributing my comments as soon as i get my act together.

Israeli Blogger said...

I guess we all need a break every now and then... :-)

I'll try to finish the post about the Holocaust Museum soon. A truly eye-opening experience.

Welcome Sonia, BTW!

sonia said...

I can reccommend two excellent blogs,one FaiLaSoof,a Beiruti medical student, and the other an expatriate Lebanese living in Kuwaitwho goes by the username Rampurple. She is presently at the Jerash (Jordan) festival but she posts at least once a week.
Talking of festivals, I will be at the Karmiel dance festival next week,and will write about it when I get home.
Readers,anyone like to comment on the election of Peres to the presidency?

sonia said...

I want to recommend two excellent sites,the one FaiLaSoof.is a medical student living in Beirut,the other is an expatriate lebanese residing in Kuwait.
Next week I will be in Karmiel to see the International Dance Festival.Will wtite about it when I get home.
Readers,would any of you like to comment on the election of Peres to the presidency?

Nizo said...

For the record, I'm also looking forward to your resumed blogging


Lirun said...

guys pull up your sox and get busy - it cant just be me and nobody.. this is not very good representation..

Israeli Blogger said...

Lirun: I *am* busy! That's the problem!

Leaping Hippotamus said...

This writing about why Israelites allow the copper wire to be stripped, only encourages violence against Israelites by Arabs who will be even more too happy to exert their acts of violence to a fearful Israel

Lirun said...

ahh hello..

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