Saturday, April 28, 2007

I take it back

Yet again, I find myself learning a lot by trying to listen to the people behind the comments posted on my blog.

A few days ago I tried to answer a question raised by Nizo: "What do Israeli Arabs need to do in order for them not to be perceived as a threat?"

I thought that Israeli Arabs understand the fears of the Israeli Jews, and can become a bridge between Israel and the Arab world. I thought they could explain the rationale of Zionism to the Arab world, something that would cause Israeli Jews to see them as partners, rather than a threat.

I suspect I was way way off with this suggestion.

I now think that Israeli Arabs have too many bad feelings against Israel. If I try to put myself in their shoes, I can see why this would be so. They are citizens in a country that does not let them identify with it. How can someone be a "proud Israeli Arab"? What symbols of this country can they identify with? They are citizens in a country that does not make it easy for them to contribute to it, and treats them as second grade citizens.

I don't know if the statistics that Khaled quoted are accurate - but I suspect that they represent how Israeli Arabs feel.

So it seems we have another vicious cycle here:Boy, are things here complicated!


Lirun said...

i think that is oversimplified

Israeli Blogger said...

Of course it is ;-)

Nobody said...

1- thier income is 40% of that of
the Jews.

show me the country where local jews on average don't earn 40% more than local people ... i lived in russia where not only anti semitism existed, but jews were oficially prevented from working and learning in certain places .. their living standards nevertheless were at least 2 times above the russian average

2 - thier properties are confiscated because they are not Jews.

dunno about this ..

3 - Bugeds in teaching are 40% of what Jews get.


4 - No work possibilities are oppened for them but the construction field

dunno too ... i have two arabs working on the same floor .. one of them is christian, another arab

5 - they are not asked by the state to serve in the army.

not worth reply

6- the state dont call the Arabs to serve in the army and uses this as a excuse to run unequall policies in all the fields!!!!

the same


the conclusion: affirmative action and super marshal plan for minorities are urgently needed ... but it should be made clear from the beginning that it's only a gesture of goodwill lest they forget to say thank you ..(and they will)

nominally challenged said...

3 - Bugeds in teaching are 40% of what Jews get.


That's clearly supposed to be "budgets", NB. Don't be so coy :) If you can argue with facts then do so, but spelling?

Does anyone have information about the teaching budgets in the different sectors?

Amos said...

LOL. I love this diagram. Right on, I think.

richards1052 said...

IsraeliBlogger: Thanks for yr thoughtful comments in my blog on this subject. We don't always agree. But at least we can have an honest discussion & try to find common ground. Which is more than I can say for the responses of some of the other Israeli commenters.

I think that whatever you think of Bishara he has inspired a very important opening of debate on this subject.

Observer said...

What is this fear in Israel got to do with peace? If America fear russia, do you think there will be peace which is a totally absurd mentality. It is only that a nation is able to take up arms against the other and to advance further both in technological and humanity that makes a nation strong.

The mentality of a nation who lives fearfully in peace is not new age mentality which does not seek a prosperous nor a strong nation but one that is of fear that peace is disrupted.