Sunday, March 18, 2007

The channel 1 film on Sayeret Shaked will (correction: NOT) be shown again this Wednesday

The film which had enraged the Egyptians will be shown again this Wednesday at 21:40, on Israeli Channel 1.

Having written about it, I guess I should make an effort and actually see it, shouldn't I?

Update (March 21, 2007):
Nominally.Challanged has commented here that the rescreening has been cancelled. Shame indeed - I too wanted to see what all the fuss was about.


nominally challenged said...

I just read that the replay has been cancelled.

Yediot Aharonot reports today as follows:
"Following the storm in Egypt surrounding the screening of the film, the executive committee of the Broadcasting Authority has decided to cancel the replay of the film "Shaked Spirit".
The film was supposed to be replayed tomorrow. The screening was cancelled even before an application was made by [MK Eytan] Cabel to the Broadcasting Authority. Israel's Ambassador to Egypt, Shalom Cohen, charged that Channel 1's screening of the film caused serious damage to Israel's image and status in Egypt, and serious harm to the fragile relationship between the two countries.
Channel 1 announced: "The film sets out the story of Sayeret Shaked. It contains no mention of soldiers from the Sayeret having killed POWs, and anyone who watched the film could have seen that.""

What a shame, I was hoping to watch it this time round ...

nominally challenged said...

Sorry, "replay" should probably have been "repeat" :)

nominally challenged said...

By the way, did you read about this?,7340,L-3379498,00.html

It interests me particularly, given that I think that language is one of the principal barriers in this whole conflict ...

Interested in your opinion.

Israeli Blogger said...

@nominally: It's nice to see Arab Israelis get some attention from our government, but beyond that - I'm not really sure what this will accomplish. Most Israelis ignore the Israeli academy for Hebrew - so will Arabs pay attention to an Israeli academy for Arabic? I suspect many Arabs will see this as "another Zionist conspiracy to take over the Arab culture". What would you think if Hamas (or the Iranians) announced they're creating an academy for the research of the Hebrew language?

Besides, I think the misunderstanding goes way beyond language. Even when Israelis and Arabs who speak a common "neutral" language (e.g., English), the misunderstandings continue.