Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The right-wing paradox

The Isreali right wing thinks Arabs hate Israel and want to destroy us. The left wing would rather ignore this.

What the right wing doesn't understand, though, is that we should not only defend ourselves from those who hate us: we must also fight the hatered itself.

הטעות של מדינת ישראל היא שאנחנו נלחמים רק בשונאינו - במקום להילחם גם בשינאה עצמה

The paradox is that by fighting those who hate us, we increase the hatered.


Mohamed Maher said...

i just wanted to know what's your opinion about elAqsa events ?!
do you agree on what the israeli people are trying to do , by destroying elAqsa mosque!! do you know that it is a holy place for all the muslims. and i really want to know the opinions of the normal israeli citizens about that.
i just want you to know that if israel destroyed elAqsa, nothing will stop all the muslims to attack israel..and it could be the end of israel which was established from less than 60 years on another people's land.
you don't know how holy is elAqsa for us....israel is trying to make all the arabs and muslims hate it more and more, and i believe that the attacks on israel will never stop as long as it is using this kind of policy.

Abe said...

If the mere fact of your existence is whats causing the hatred, then it seems nothing short of accepting your own destruction will alleviate it. If you read mahers comment its obvious that what Israel actually does plays a very small role compared to existing prejudices.

Israeli Blogger said...

@Abe: it's not our existence - it's the way our existence is perceived by the other side. We need to fight the prejudices.

@Mohamed Maher: What the Israeli authorities are doing near elAqsa is terribly stupid. But the Arab belief that our intention is to destroy elAqsa is a direct result of your misunderstanding of Israel.

There is definitely a power struggle around that area, and there are probably some crazy fanatics who would love to destroy elAqsa - but such people are considered criminals here. Any person plotting to destroy elAqsa would be arrested by the Israeli police. The Israeli government, as incompetent as it is, cannot possibly intend for elAqsa to be destroyed.

I'll write more about this in my next post.

Abe said...

dear israeli blogger,

all sides should fight prejudice. i need to be persuaded that the jewish connection to the temple mount and all of jerusalem is as respected by muslims as muslims believe their connection should be.

you also wrote:
"'s not our existence - it's the way our existence is perceived by the other side..."

i don't understand the difference

Israeli Blogger said...

Dear Abe,

I totally agree with you. Both sides should fight prejudice, and the Arabs should respect the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount as much as the Jews should respect the Muslim connection to Al-Aqsa.

As for your question regarding "how our existence is perceived" - I have dedicated this post to an answer. I hope this time I have done a better job explaining - please let me know.