Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Beit Hanoun

In the aljazeera article about the Beit Hanoun tragedy:

'Ghazi Hamad also said that Israel was an inhuman state that "should cease to exist."'

Personally: I am extremely sorry about this tragedy. I truly and sincerely wish it did not happen. No one deserves such deaths. Not Palestinians, and not Israelis. Not innocent Palestinian civilians, and not Hamas militants.

But Israel is not an inhuman state. It is a country fighting for its existence - exactly because of opinions like the one presented by Ghazi Hamad.

Israeli violence gains momentum from opinions like Mr. Hamad's, from Qassam rockets and Palestinian violence in general. Palestinian violence gains momentum from Israeli violence - and the cycle continues.

This tragedy is not the fault of Israel any more than it is the fault of Palestinians. Threatening to destroy Israel only increases the violence, when it is the vicious cycle of violence that must be stopped!

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USpace said...

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