Saturday, September 02, 2006

Arab Media for Israelis

Mohamed Maher said in a previous comment to DGListen:

> try to see and hear new media other than urs , try to hear the arabic media

Mohamed - I think this is a great suggestion. I have started doing this, and I hope more Israelis do too. But it has to be done with great care.

Why great care? Because when we Israelis read Arab newspapers: we are immediately put off. We see what is written - and it looks like horrible lies and propaganda to us.

I recently realized, though, that this is not propaganda - and should not be taken by us as lies. I have come to believe that the Arab media (or at least Aljazeera - which is the only Arab media source I found in English) is providing a true representation of the Arab view of the world.

I wish to humbly ask any Arabs reading this post: Am I correct in this observation? Do you think that Aljazeera truly represents the Arab view of things? Or can you recommend other Arab media sources?



Mohamed Maher said...

I believe that aljazeera reflects many of the arabs views and opinions, and it has a quote says " the opinion and the other opinions". in the arab world , when any thing happens we change the channel to aljazeera to see what really is considered the favourite news channel for arabs..
but sometimes we egyptians feel that it attaks us without any reason....but overall we believe that it is considered very fair.. and i recommend u to watch it.
also there is another channel called " alarabya or alarabia".
also there is another channel called " nile TV" it is not a news channel , but it is in english and i think that it has some programs in hebrew.
u r walking on the right track of knowing the real world around us.

EngineeringChange said...

Sorry i've been away for so long, was quite busy with life for a while...

al-jazeera is my source of news from the Arab perspective. Its TV station is the number one source of news for arabs in the middle east and I assume the english website is fairly good reflection of the arabic news.

Al-Arabiye is the other good news source for Arabs. But it does not have an English website yet.

Other sources of news are more regional, like the UAE's kaleej times which is available online in english or Lebanon's Daily Star and of course the indispensible Haaretz for what going on in Israel and Palestine.

nuriennium said...

hi IB, i'm sorry i have been away for a while. i saw ur comment on Sarah's Blog, and i thank u for every word :)
u said this!!
now, about Al-Jazeera, well i think it's quite statement to say it represents the Arabs but for sure it's the best media u'll find in Arab world for only one reason. It’s not controlled directly & constantly by a certain rule. although u can sense some irritation towards Saudi rule. but
When it comes to the Israeli-arab conflict u won’t find any other media to deliver professional, neutral - well sometimes!! - & focused news.
I’m happy I’m writing u back.
by the way, where do u place US in this conflict?

Israeli Blogger said...

@Mohamed Maher, @EngineeringChange, @Nuriennium:

Glad to have you all back!

I too can't seem to find much time to blog lately - so I totally understand your being away.

Thanks for the info on Arab media. I hope you will be able to answer some of the questions that come to my mind when I read it.